How do you self care?

Lately I’ve made time to myself a priority, because we can easily get lost in the hectic schedules and the noises in our lives. Forgetting that self nurturing is a necessity.

I use this time to reassess, recharge and just be in my thoughts. Self care works for me as a person and as a mom, that needs to keep a calm and rational mind. During this time, I do a lot of self introspection, like reflecting on a difficult task at work or an argument, to see how it could have been handled better. I use this time to evaluate my life and be grateful for all that is good and improve on my setbacks or failures.

My self care methods include, spending the day in my bed, reading, blogging, praying and watching all sorts of reality shows ūüôā ¬†I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes. I believe this is the time where one needs to just do what makes them happy, to look inward and just be grateful for the positives. Life can be pressure filled and humans also need a break, in order to come back stronger.

My question is do you self care, how do you self care, do you think it’s necessary and what’s your take on it?

Lots of love




Overcoming depression.

The past two weeks have been really difficult, my dear friend depression came to visit. Mostly triggered by career challenges, the pressure has been mounting and a part of me feels like I’m not coping. It’s a very disappointing feeling, considering the current stage in my life and the goals I have set for myself.

It’s been such a dark and hard place to get out of, how I got myself out of it was remembering my power, remembering who I am and mostly my children. They need me!

Here’s how I fought depression this time:

  1.  Remembered gratitude.
  2. Went back to my spiritual ways.
  3. Talked about it (seeing a professional).
  4. Read and wrote about it.
  5. Stayed consistent in my training and exercise routines.
  6. Always keeping in mind the bigger picture and staying positive.
  7. Spending time alone and taking stock.

Mental illness is a serious struggle, check in on the ones you love, a simple how are you goes a long way. To those struggling with depression, seek help, talk about it and stay close to those that mean the world to you and are there for you.

Lots of love



First quarter of 2019

So the first quarter of the year has gone by so quickly, did you achieve everything you had planned to, if so how did you ensure that you achieve it?

Well I didn’t achieve everything I had planned to in the first quarter, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up. ¬†I just take it as a learning curve. To learn more about myself and what I am capable of. Life is pretty unpredictable and sometimes no matter how much you plan, God always has a bigger plan. That doesn’t mean we should’t pursue our dreams, however we should pray that our plans are aligned with his and not miss the lessons.

Sometimes I’m really hard on myself, I work my hardest to ensure that I am really good at what I do, be it, ¬†my work, being a mom, a loving partner, the perfect daughter and friend. Most times feels like I’m failing. ¬†At the moment things aren’t going so well, there’s a lot I’d like to achieve at my workplace, but it’s hard and starting to feel impossible. This is crushing me and I hate feeling like a failure. ¬†So the plan for the week ahead is to try new ways to achieve my goals, seek a mentor in my field and pay attention to what is happening around me. There’s still so much more to learn and unlearn.

For now beloveds

Stay focused, trust your instincts and live with courage.


Career slump

It’s two months into the year and it started off on a very high note, with vigour and the hunger to achieve my goals. ¬†Nothing has changed, still on the same mission. ¬†There’s been a few answered prayers and a few no’s. ¬†Which I am very grateful for!

However theres this nagging feeling to find a fulfilling career path. ¬†In the depth of my soul I believe that there’s more out there for me. ¬†More than the eye can see. The difficult part is implementing and making a success out of it. ¬†Having tried different contacts and knocking on different doors to get to where my heart wants to be, things haven’t worked out and I’m sad to admit that it’s very discouraging.

My daily prayer is to find a breakthrough somehow, yes I do pray. ¬†I pray about everything and if I do not get to where I’d like to go, then it simply wasn’t meant to be. ¬†In the meantime, I will push through and trust the universe, God and what is written in the stars.

Wishing each and every one of you a blessed year ahead, may all that you aspire to become reality xxx


Mind power.

Might be a bit of a late blog, oh well life got in the way…

Happy new year everyone, hope your year started off well and you’re all ready for the new challenges and blessings ahead.

It’s been great on my side, I started the year off with a positive attitude, new beliefs and improved strategies. ¬†That may sound clich√© but it’s true, something in my mind has changed, the way I view things, my outlook on life and the future. ¬†I finally understand “mind power” a lot better now. ¬†I understand that our thoughts and outlook on life really shape our future. ¬†In the past year I have learned to be positive, whether things are going my way or not, whether the circumstances are in my favour or not. ¬†I’ve always had this belief that no matter what’s going wrong in your life, you can always work your way out of it, just as long as the will is there.

I’ve always been intentional about my life, was always fussy about how I wanted things done. ¬†I must say though, that growing up has taught me a lot of things about life in general, about people and the power of preparation. ¬†The past few years have been mostly preparation for me, learning and figuring out what really makes my heart sing. ¬†I can gladly say its not just one thing but a few that make me happy and fulfil me. ¬†2018 was definitely about ambition, intention and sowing.

I am dedicating this year to IMPLEMENTATION AND REAPING! ¬†That’s my 20nicethings! ¬†Wishing you a fruitful one ahead loves xoxo…